story of our food

Our story of food

This is the story of food – where it comes from, how its made, who are thpeople that create it – and, most of all, a celebration ohow it brings uall together. The result is an eating experience like no other, where thfood, the teacher, the chef, the farm/garden and the participant are alcocreators of this unique adventure.
Our food concept is healthy, tasty and organic. Savour juicy tropical fruit, crunchy organic vegetables, crisp salads and  fragrant herbs while sipping on an energising juice or sweet, colourfuherbal tea. Everything is freshly harvested and lovingly prepared with attention to detail in our restaurant. Focused on vegetarian, vegan anraw food, the cosmos-restaurant offers diverse fusion recipes in peaceful and tranquil setting.

Local and organic

At Cosmos we are committed to supporting local economies and eatinlocallysourced food. We use only what we like to call consciouslysourced ingredients. Cosmos kitchen sources approximately 70% oproduce from local farms. We cultivate herbs and vegetables in our verown gardens and orchards, tended by permaculture volunteers. Wstrive to provide a true farmtotable experience. Bon appetit!

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options

We take good care of vegans, vegetarians, and meateaters, too. We
label allergens and ingredients that can cause sensitivity, and invite you
to ask our kitchen staff any questions that arise as you dine with us.

Social dining scene

Cosmos is more than just a place to eat, it’s a social hub and the heart and hearth of our community. Catch up with old and nefriends, enjoy a snack, or relax with a cup of tea and take in thpanoramic view of our beautiful campus.

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Diverse cuisines

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